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  • Upgrading Our Enterprise Resource Planning System10/7/2020

    For Immediate Release

    Re: Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Business Central

    At Unified Alloys, we review and improve processes where it can positively effect our operational excellence for the benefit of our valued customers, suppliers, stakeholders and team members. As part of this commitment, we are proud to announce that after a year’s long migration and planning process, we are on schedule to go-live with our new Enterprise Resource Planning system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Business Central, on October 13th, 2020.

    We are extremely excited about the new tools and capabilities the system provides to both our internal team members and our external valued partners. The transition will enable our team to leverage advancements at every level of the company to enhance our service and support.

    The migration to the new system will impact all aspects of our business, and while our teams have worked diligently to ensure a seamless transition, we appreciate that there may be the potential for minor disruptions. To mitigate the potential for disruptions, appropriate contingency plans and tactics are prepared and on standby if necessary.

    Additionally, it is important to note we have taken this opportunity to upgrade our documentation. You will see some visual changes to our documents including invoices, packing slips and purchase orders. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our representatives if for any reason you experience disruptions, or you have questions or concerns regarding the new documentation.

    There has been considerable effort from our members to make this upgrade of our business management solutions a reality; we are proud of the tremendous team we have at Unified Alloys. We are eager to begin a new chapter of enhanced service and support for our valued business partners.

    Darren Hansen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Prefabricated Piping Systems Announcement9/14/2020

    For Immediate Release

    Re: Divestment in Prefabricated Piping Services.

    Listening and learning from customers and stakeholders has fostered expansion into new markets and lead to the introduction of innovative products throughout our 44 years in business. As markets evolve, we adjust and align our offerings to serve the needs of our customers. This has typically meant the addition of products and services, however sometimes it has required us to divest from a product or service.

    Our entry into prefabricated pipe spooling services in Langley, BC, was to support the growth and benefits of stainless steel piping components in municipal water & waste water markets. Over time, stainless steel has risen to become a more prominent material choice for those who provide prefabricated stainless piping systems.

    We were proud of the work that we have completed, and express deep gratitude to both our customers and stakeholders who have supported the fabrication services we have provided. We have determined however that this service no longer aligns with the greater benefit we aim to provide our customers.

    We will continue to build upon our strengths in distribution of process piping components, primary material processing, and offering technical support for our valued customers.

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

    Respectfully, Unified Alloys

    Darren Hansen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • COVID-19 Update: Essential Service3/24/2020

    To our valued clients, colleagues and communities.

    Many of you will have already heard about the announcements made by our Provincial Governments regarding non-essential business closures.

    Unified Alloys is deemed an essential service by the Provincial Governments as we provide products to the energy, petrochemical, natural resources and community health infrastructure markets which are essential to supporting the operational continuity of our communities while we fight to contain COVID-19.

    Last week we took the proactive steps toward staffing our operations to ‘site-essential’ levels only.  All of our operations have taken steps to remain open by distancing our site essential teams from those who can work remotely.

    We remain ready to respond to your requirements.  Although there may be some delays, we will be shipping products on a daily basis unless we are otherwise notified.

    Our clients, colleagues and communities health and safety remains our top priority; We are proud to be able to support you during this difficult time.


    Darren Hansen, CEO.

    COVID-19 | Service essentiel

    24 Mars 2020

    À nos précieux clients, collègues et à notre communauté.

    Plusieurs d'entre vous êtes déjà au courant de l’annonce faite par nos gouvernements provinciaux concernant la fermeture des entreprises non essentielles.

    Alliages Unifiés est considéré comme étant une entreprise essentielle par les gouvernements provinciaux, puisque nous fournissons à des entreprises œuvrant dans les secteurs suivants : l'énergie, la pétrochimie, les ressources naturelles et les infrastructures de santé communautaire. Ceux-ci sont essentiels au soutien de nos communautés pendant que nous continuons à nous battre contre la COVID-19.

    La semaine dernière, nous avons mis en place des mesures proactive afin de pouvoir rester ouvert. Nous avons réduit notre personnel travaillant dans nos succursales en nous limitant uniquement au personnel essentiel au bon fonctionnement de nos entrepôts. Tout le reste de notre personnel travaille à distance.

    Bien que cette situation puisse occasionner quelques retards, nous continuerons d’expédier nos produits quotidiennement, à moins d’avis contraire.

    La santé et la sécurité de nos clients, de nos collègues et de notre communauté restent notre priorité absolue; Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir vous accompagner durant cette période difficile.

    Avec respect,


    Darren Hansen, CEO.

  • COVID-19 Preparedness & Planning Update3/16/2020

    Our commitment to our clients, colleagues, and communities.

    Unified Alloys has taken actions to address concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority continues to be protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients, colleauges and the communities where we operate while limiting business disruptions.

    We continually monitor the situation and re-evaluate our COVID-19 preparedness planning as new information from the World Health Organization, Federal and Provincial Health authorities and internal operations become available.

    Our daily business interactions have changed.

    We have engaged plans to remain accessible and responsive to your business needs however for the health and safety of our clients and employees we are restricting personal contact. Under the current circumstances we are encouraging our staff to shift towards electronic messaging, phone calls and video conference where possible.

    Although we have taken measures to reduce personal contact, there are elements of our work that can not be done remotely. With our staff who remain engaged in business continuity plans where face-to-face interactions with business partners occur, we have taken various sanitizing measures and restricted physical contact such as shaking hands along with respecting personal distancing by 2 meters.

    A safer work environment.

    Our approach has been informed by the guidance of governmental agencies and public health officials and we are committed to making Unified Alloys a safer work environment for all.

    We will continue to be available to serve your business requirements and discuss your concerns while we all work through this global health crisis.


    Darren Hansen, CEO  

    COVID-19 | Mise à jour sur la préparation et la planification

    16 mars 2020

    Notre engagement envers nos clients, collègues et la communauté.

    Alliages Unifiés a mis en place des mesures pour répondre aux préoccupations découlant de la pandémie de COVID-19. Notre priorité est toujours de protéger la santé et la sécurité de notre personnel, de nos clients, de nos collèges et de la communauté tout en limitant les perturbations commerciales.

    Nous surveillons continuellement la situation et nous réévaluons notre planification de la préparation au COVID-19 à mesure que de nouvelles informations de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé, des autorités sanitaires fédérales et provinciales et des opérations internes deviennent disponibles.

    Nos interactions commerciales quotidiennes ont changé.

    Nous nous sommes engagés à rester accessibles et à répondre aux besoins de votre entreprise, mais pour la santé et la sécurité de nos clients et de nos employés, nous limitons les contacts personnels. Dans les circonstances actuelles, nous incitons notre personnel à utiliser la messagerie électronique, les appels téléphoniques et la vidéoconférence lorsque cela est possible.

    Bien que nous ayons pris des mesures pour réduire les contacts personnels, certains éléments de notre travail ne peuvent pas être effectués à distance. En s’assurant de restreindre les contacts physiques tels que serrer la main et respecter la distance personnelle de 2 mètres, notre personnel s’assure de la continuité des activités où des interactions face à face avec des partenaires commerciaux sont inévitables.

    Un environnement de travail plus sûr.

    Notre approche a été développé suite aux conseils des agences gouvernementales et des responsables de la santé publique et nous nous engageons à faire d’Alliages Unifiés un environnement de travail sécuritaire pour tous.

    Nous continuerons d'être disponibles pour répondre à vos besoins commerciaux et discuter de vos préoccupations pendant que nous travaillons tous à travers cette crise sanitaire mondiale.

    Avec respect,

    Darren Hansen, CEO