PMP Precision Valve Inc.

PMP's assortment of quality knife gate valves are carefully selected for function and reliability within the process media they serve

PMP's MONO series knife gate valve offers outstanding features as compared to conventional knife gates.

  • Unique stem seal design eliminates leakage and is virtually maintenance free

  • Bonnet style body reduces leak paths and limits exposing the gate to atmosphere

  • Precision 360 degree round gate edge easily cuts through debris and build-up

  • Floating gate design enables effortless operation and reduces actuator size on motorized services

  • Manual gear operators NOT required for valve sizes up to 24"

  • Variety of seating materials (BUNA-N, EPDM, PTFE, VITON) VITON is standard

  • Rising and non-rising stem available to various operator options

  • Purge ports offer flexibility to purge body chest or use it to monitor pressure

  • V-port inserts are available for control applications