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Discover more about process piping systems and stainless steel. Covering everything from chemical compositions to common uses, our articles condense 48 years of experience into easy-to-read guides.


Mechanical piping connectors offer a compelling alternative to these traditional connection methods, providing easy implementation, reliable performance, and options to suit nearly any piping size imaginable.

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Process Piping Products: Information

Learn about common types of products including valves, flanges & more 

Process Piping Products: Industry Application

A look at the benefits and typical uses of this popular alloy across a range of industries

Stainless Steel: The Basics

Learn about how stainless is created, stainless steel grades and families, why you might use stainless, how it compares to other metals, and other essential topics.

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Stainless Steel: Technical Information

Exploring the design information, standards, rules, and principles that drive materials choices and effective system design