Brand Spotlight: Safeguard Your Piping System with ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil) Industrial Pipe Hangers and Supports 

Industrial pipe hangers and supports are crucial in the safe and efficient operation of piping systems of all sizes.

These essential components securely fasten and support pipes, reducing connection stress, minimizing potential damage due to vibrations or other external forces, effectively controlling noise generation in piping processes, and eliminating leakage at joints caused by vibrations.

In this guide, we will look at the history of ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil), highlight how their extensive product selection and component quality make them an ideal source of pipe supports and hangers for modern industries of all types, and showcase how Unified Alloys is positioned to help supply projects across a vast range of scales and industries thanks to our partnership with ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil).

Let's dive in!

About ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil)

ASC Engineered Solutions, formerly known as Anvil and Smith-Cooper, specializes in manufacturing and distributing pipe fittings and related products.

The company has undergone several significant changes and developments in recent years.

Anvil and Smith-Cooper embarked on a new chapter, rebranding as ASC Engineered Solutions in March 2021, aiming to serve their customers better and streamline operations as one organization with a single mission: customer success.

They would go on to acquire several other component manufacturers in the months that followed, including Trenton Pipe Nipple Company, LLC and Value Engineered Products (VEP), further solidifying their position as an industry-leading supplier of a wide assortment of industrial pipe hanger and support solutions.

Product Range

ASC Engineered Solutions provides a wide range of products, including but not limited to:
  • Grooved pipe couplings
  • Grooved and plain-end fittings
  • Valves
  • Cast and malleable iron fittings
  • Forged steel fittings
  • Steel pipe nipples and couplings
  • Pipe hangers and supports
  • Channel and strut fittings
  • Mining and oil field fittings
We’ll discuss specific parts and components and their functionality shortly.

However, ASC Engineered Solutions products are typically available in a range of standardized sizes based on typical part usage to easily match your intended application.

Need something specialized for a particular application? ASC Engineered Solutions offers several customization options to help you create the perfect solution to any engineering or process design problem.

Benefits & Considerations

It is crucial to select high-quality products manufactured by reputable brands like ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil) to ensure optimal performance within complex piping networks.

These companies adhere strictly to industry standards concerning design specifications set forth by relevant codes such as the ASME B31 series (Process Piping) and MSS SP-58 (Standard Practice - Pipe Hangers & Supports).

This ensures the safety, durability, and efficiency of your piping system.

Besides compliance with industry standards, opting for trusted manufacturers guarantees access to well-engineered products made from high-grade materials.

The ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil) brand is renowned for its high-quality products.

It has a lineage you can trace through hundreds of years of history, making it an ideal choice for any industrial piping project.

As a certified partner and supplier of ASC Engineered Solutions products, Unified Alloys offers easy access to their comprehensive collection of industrial pipe hanger and support products alongside industry-leading stainless steel products—including pipe, plate, valves, flanges, and ornamental tubing— providing a single point of contact for all of your industrial stainless steel needs.

Overview of Industrial Pipe Hangers & Supports

In this section, we delve into the critical importance of pipe hangers and supports while exploring the multitude of ways they safeguard and enhance the performance of industrial piping systems.

We'll also look at common product types utilized today.

Why Use Stainless Steel Pipe Hangers and Supports?

Industrial pipe hangers and supports are indispensable infrastructure guardians in diverse sectors like oil and gas, chemical, marine, and public works.

Their role is monumental, maintaining stability and efficiency in piping systems and ensuring vital conduits withstand industrial processes and harsh environments with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

These components serve several vital functions.

They lend structural support to piping systems, evenly distributing weight to counteract gravity and prevent deformation, an essential factor, especially in industries where pipes ferry heavy loads over vast distances.

Pipe supports and hangers are also equipped to absorb and dampen vibrations from machinery or fluid flow, preventing wear and tear on the system and reducing noise.

Moreover, they provide protection from the forces generated by rapid fluid flow, a critical aspect in public works projects like water or sewage treatment plants.

Further, these hangers and supports secure pipes, preventing movement and potential damage while maintaining an organized spatial arrangement that simplifies maintenance procedures.

They also help to mitigate stress on pipe joints caused by factors like thermal expansion, contraction, or high pressures, which is crucial in industries where pipes are subjected to heavy loads or extreme temperatures.

We highly recommend exploring our Industrial Applications of Pipe Hangers and Supports or Pipe Supports Essentials guides for a more detailed understanding of these essential components.

These resources delve deeper into industrial pipe hanger and support functions and their importance across major global industries.

A Brief Look at Pipe Hanger and Support Types

Organizing these components starts with breaking items down into one of two groups.

Pipe hangers (e.g., rods, clamps, hooks) suspend and adjust pipe heights, while pipe supports (e.g., saddles, shoes, anchors) bear pipe weight and control movement.

From here, you start considering specific products. Popular options include:
  • Adjustable pipe hangers: Allow for height adjustments using a clevis and rod
  • Pipe clamps: Enclose and tighten around pipes with bolts 
  • Pipe saddle supports: Distribute weight over a larger area
  • Spring hangers: Allow vertical pipe movement via springs 
  • Snubbers: Lock during sudden movements while allowing regular movements
  • Pipe shoes: Provide elevated support for large/heavy pipes
  • Rod hangers: Threaded rods suspend pipes from above
  • U-bolts: Wrap around the pipe and fasten to the structure
  • Pipe roller supports: Enable horizontal pipe movement 
  • Pipe guides: Control the direction of pipe movement
Our Industrial Applications of Pipe Hangers and Supports or Pipe Supports Essentials guides dive deeper into the details of these popular product types to help you highlight solutions for your process, facility, or system.

Three Critical Design Considerations When Working with ASC Engineering Solutions (Anvil) Pipe Supports and Hangers

This isn't engineering advice; you should always consult a professional with questions about your system needs.

However, these three points are excellent options to reinforce the concepts discussed throughout this guide and explore how considering industrial pipe hangers and supports at the design stage can help to mitigate specific problems.

  1. Reducing Noise: A piping system aims to minimize vibrations contributing to noise generation. Selecting the right type and number of pipe supports and hangers is pivotal. They absorb and dampen vibrations caused by fluid or gas flow and mechanical equipment operation. Specialized supports with built-in vibration absorption materials are particularly effective. Careful placement considerations can prevent pipes from knocking against the surrounding structure.
  2. Effective Pipe Bundling: Proper pipe bundling—grouping pipes efficiently—can save space, reduce material costs, and simplify maintenance procedures. With effective bundling, pipe support and hanger placement are optimized, providing stability to the bundled pipes and maintaining appropriate clearances between them. This not only improves the neatness and orderliness of the piping system but also aids in reducing noise as it prevents pipes from knocking against each other.
  3. Maintaining Insulation Clearances: It's essential to maintain insulation clearances to ensure their effectiveness and prevent damage. Pipe supports and hangers can be designed and positioned to hold the pipe while avoiding direct contact with the insulation. Some pipe supports, like insulated pipe shoes, are intended to support the pipe and insulation without compromising the insulation material.
By properly considering these factors in the design of a piping system, industries can use ASC Engineering Solutions (Anvil) industrial pipe hangers and supports to improve efficiency and ensure safer, quieter operation while simultaneously encouraging the longevity of their systems.

This reduces operational costs, minimizes downtime, and creates a more comfortable work environment.


Industrial pipe hangers and supports, like those from ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil), are vital for the safety and efficiency of piping systems across various industries around the world.

They secure and support pipes, reducing connection stress and minimizing potential damage from vibrations or other forces.

Selecting the appropriate type of pipe hanger or support is a critical decision that involves considering the materials used, industry-specific requirements, and safety guidelines during installation.

ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil) offers a diverse range of pipe hangers and supports to meet these needs.

Their commitment to quality and safety ensures the integrity of your piping systems, enhancing efficiency and longevity.

The right choice in pipe hangers and supports is not just about securing pipes—it's about ensuring operational safety, system durability, and project success.

Unified Alloys stocks a wide assortment of popular ASC Engineered Solutions (Anvil) industrial pipe hangers and support components, providing easy access to these industry-leading products throughout North America.

Our decades of experience and comprehensive selection of stainless steel pipe and other products allow us to service industries of all sizes.

Contact one of our experienced sales analysts today to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you source materials and components for your next project!
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