Prefabricated Piping Systems Announcement

For Immediate Release

Re: Divestment in Prefabricated Piping Services.

Listening and learning from customers and stakeholders has fostered expansion into new markets and lead to the introduction of innovative products throughout our 44 years in business. As markets evolve, we adjust and align our offerings to serve the needs of our customers. This has typically meant the addition of products and services, however sometimes it has required us to divest from a product or service.

Our entry into prefabricated pipe spooling services in Langley, BC, was to support the growth and benefits of stainless steel piping components in municipal water & waste water markets. Over time, stainless steel has risen to become a more prominent material choice for those who provide prefabricated stainless piping systems.

We were proud of the work that we have completed, and express deep gratitude to both our customers and stakeholders who have supported the fabrication services we have provided. We have determined however that this service no longer aligns with the greater benefit we aim to provide our customers.

We will continue to build upon our strengths in distribution of process piping components, primary material processing, and offering technical support for our valued customers.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Respectfully, Unified Alloys

Darren Hansen
Chief Executive Officer