Victaulic is the originator and world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions and grooved pipe joining systems.

Victaulic produces a full range of valve products to compliment their world class mechanical piping system.

Visit the Victaulic website to access their full data base of valves, or contact us and we can help you navigate through their full offering.

Featured Product:  In-Line Maintenance Knife Gate Valves.

Victaulic in-line maintenance knife gate valves reduced rigging during maintenance protects your crew from hazards. No more chains, pulleys or ropes during maintenance for this valve. All you need are simple hand tools to get the job done.

This valve can be maintained up to 95% faster when compared to competitor gate valves. Save hours of labor by not having to secure and tear out the entire valve from the pipeline. The Victaulic knife gate valve maintenance cycle can be accomplished in just mere minutes.

This valve won’t burden your boneyard because it never needs to be removed from the pipeline. The only wear parts on this valve are enclosed in a single cartridge kit, and after scheduled maintenance shutdowns all you're sending away is the old kit. That's a fraction of the shelf space and dead weight when compared to the whole valve you’re used to dragging around.

Manual, Pneumatic or Hydraulic options.

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: Victaulic FV 08.25