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Discover more about process piping systems and stainless steel. Covering everything from chemical compositions to common uses, our articles condense 40 years of experience into easy-to-read guides.

Stainless Steel - The Basics

Process Piping Products Explained

Learn about common types of products including valves, flanges & more
Understanding the various forms in which stainless steel is sold and why you might choose one over another.
Essential considerations when choosing water and wastewater flow control gates and why stainless steel is a leading choice.

Looking at popular options for mechanical pipe connections when welding, flanging, and threading options may not be best suited.

Care & Maintenance of Stainless Steel

Complete guidance on stainless steel maintenance and tips for repair

Industry Applications

A look at the benefits and typical uses of this popular alloy across a range of industries

Technical Information

Exploring the design information, standards, rules, and principles that drive materials choices and effective system design